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Changed by breath, changed for life!

Hi My Love! I am a certified Rebirthing Breathworker and Life Coach, who is passionate about empowering adults and children to achieve the trifecta, that is, your very best physical, mental & spiritual states of well-being. It is my goal to build upon your self-worth and self-value so you can achieve your desired goals and live a life filled with joy and ease.

I am a daughter, wife, mom, and believer in God. Breathwork has transformed my physical, mental & spiritual life so much that I'm led to share the power of the breath with others! 


A little about my past...I am a licensed PK-6th grade teacher. After spending a little over a decade in the classroom as an elementary teacher,  I observed many students challenged to regulate their bodies. Having participated in various Social-Emotional Professional Developments, I learned the power trauma and stress play on children's mental state.  Although I learned many strategies to calm students' bodies, rarely did I learn practices to calm students' minds and bring them into the present moment. Fast forward to now...the science behind the power of Breathwork opened my eyes to see, that many of us adults are just as emotionally dysregulated as children, we just do a better job of hiding it, or even accepting it.  All of this dysregulation stems from our thoughts- the voice inside our heads that runs wild. Using our breath to take us into the present moment can control our untamed thoughts working to achieve nervous system balance and regulation of our emotions.

Breathwork found me in January of 2021. After living through the pandemic with my family of 5, my incessant thoughts about the uncertainty of daily life, and even worse, my attempts to control daily life, led me into a mental tornado. My thoughts spiraled and grew uncontrollably. I felt like I was home, spending so much time with my family, but yet, not receiving the joy out of the family moments. While experiencing a destruction in my mental state, my physical state began to decline. I suffered from weekly migraines not knowing when or why they were hitting. The Breathworker in me knows why now. 

After experiencing my first Breathwork session, I was immediately hooked. I felt calm, clear-minded, and had a sense of hope back. As I continued more Breathwork sessions, I began letting go of controlling thoughts and actions. I invited ease into my life by learning to trust the experiences that came my way. Most importantly, through the self-forgiveness process, I cut the anchor tying me to shame and blame, and started seeing myself as innocent and pure- as God sees me! 

I know that your Breathwork journey can be just as powerful as mine. We all experience hurt, sadness, grief, stress, and trauma throughout our lives. Let's stop moving through these experiences like nothing happened. Let's breathe into these moments, learn from them, grow from them, and use them as a catalyst to love ourselves, and then love others.


Breathworx614's Mission

To enhance the quality of life through the power of the breath.


Core Values Include:

Mindful Living


Whole-Being Approach

Meeting the Self with Love, Acceptance & Curiosity 

Meeting Others with Love, Acceptance & Curiosity 

Still Curious?

Watch this video that can be found on my Instagram feed explaining Breathwork. Become a follower of Breathworx614 to learn more and determine how you can benefit from Breathwork. Breathe Love!

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My Story

Breathworx614's owner, Tiffany Berger, is a Central Ohio Mom who intentionally balances well-being personally and professionally. Read more to learn how Breathwork has helped her to bring balance to a full life.


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