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Tristan's Experience

Tristan, a grad student in Social Work at The Ohio State University, completed his internship at Breathworx614. Tristan learned the value of Breathwork, an alternate somatic healing modality that leads to lasting transformation.


Internship Opportunities

Grow with Breathworx614

Breathworx614 is thrilled to announce it is an agency affiliate with The Ohio State University! Breathworx614 offers internship opportunities to those with interest in social work, psychology, holistic healthcare, somatic healing and mindfulness practices enhancing well-being. 

At Breathworx614, students will learn about the many benefits of Breathwork and will in turn, learn how Breathwork can be used to increase mental health outcomes in children, families and adults. Breathwork, though new to our region, is a mindfulness-based practice that works to align the body, mind and spirit by creating ease in the body and a trust of life within the mind.

Breathworx614 encompasses a trauma-informed approach. You will become familiar with research noting that trauma is stored in somatic memory and expressed as changes in the biological stress response. You will learn how Breathworx614 modifies the trauma-related stress response in clients to receive transformation and an enhanced well-being.

Interning at Breathworx614 can provide you with the unique experience of learning about and beginning to implement the ancient practice of Breathwork. Relative to learning opportunities, the options are endless at Breathworx614 as you will be able to gain experience in a one-on-one or group therapy setting, as well as gain experience in community networking in light of bringing the power of Breathwork to all!

If you are a student looking for an internship that is focused on facilitating a mind-body-spirit connection, look no further! Call today to connect!

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Embodied Intern

My Background

Hello all! My name is Tristan Hoadley and I am grateful to have experienced internship at Breathworx614! Throughout this internship, I obtained my Master of Social Work from The Ohio State University. Before interning at Breathworx614, I gained experience observing therapy sessions, conducting narrative therapy exercises with clients, and was additionally a part of a grassroots movement aiming to create a recreation/leisure program for the Blind community of Wayne County. In my free time, I enjoy walking in nature, making music and playing with my two dogs!

On a more personal note, I have been deeply impacted by the power of mindfulness and introspection and have experienced the benefits of breathwork first-hand. I knew that this internship would be a great opportunity for me to further my own knowledge and skills relative to breathwork in light of promoting well-being for all!

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