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Breathworx614 Supports Corporate Well-Being

Enhance your corporation's well-being with Breathwork Techniques that leave employees feeling valued and supported, both professionally and personally. Breathworx614 is a proud supporter of Nationwide Children's Hospital, Procter & Gamble and Grange Insurance.

Meg Fruth

"Tiffany is such a gifted leader who helped us with a corporate training. We all left the session feeling calm and less stressed...with a new set of tools to help with burnout and stress going forward. It was very well received by our group! If you're looking to do something different and infuse some oxytocin into a group event...I. highly recommend her!"

Breathwork for Corporations

Enhance Your Team Members Well-Being

Small & Large Group Session Offerings: 

Employees will feel valued after participating in Breathwork by Breathworx614! Breathwork is a great addition to a staff retreat or conference. Breathworx614 offers corporate well-being initiatives that prioritize the mental, emotional, and physical health of employees. Through breathwork workshops, coaching sessions and stress management, we help organize a culture of wellness, productivity and positivity. Participants will learn background and education of Breathwork to achieve optimal breathing. Employees will use the optimal breathing pattern combined with specific breathwork techniques centering on stress-relief, frustration management and improvement of sleep.  


Attendees will leave equipped with effective and efficient skills in obtaining peace and ease, both professionally and personally. Offer your staff the opportunity to develop a love for well-being, build upon mindfulness of one's body and environment, and apply strategies learned to promote self-management tools. 

Your employees will feel inspired to take what they learned and share it with others!!

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