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Breathe Well, Be Well is Back!

The Breathe Well, Be Well Program will next kick-off June 2, 2024!

Breathe Well, Be Well

Transformation Program

This 6-week program is filled with Breathworx614's principles for well-being transformation. Build awareness of breath, emotions and thought to transform your relationship with yourself, thus transforming your relationship with life. Discover tools to enhance your relationship with stress, anxiety, depression, and grief while learning to embody self-regulation. Experience how to intentionally co-regulate those around you to create a calming and peaceful environment. Become familiar with techniques that guide you in achieving joy, ease and vitality that leave you living a LOVE and PASSION for life! The secret to transformation lies within this program's whole-being centered approach. Tiffany's gentle approach guides you in embracing all states of your being, aligning your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states, thus receiving WELL-BEING. This program is differentiated to guide those new to Breathwork, as well as those with a firm foundation.
You have more control over your life than you think, allow Breathworx614 to guide you in living out the life you desire!

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Leslie Moore

"I notice that I often hold my breath; at least it feels that way sometimes. Watching suspenseful TV shows, or even when I'm grooming dogs. When I become aware of it and I start to consciously breathe, I feel more calm and relaxed."
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Invest in Yourself before
5/22/24 & Receive 15% off...
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A Payment Plan is Available! Pay as you experience transformation. Pay $125 before weeks 2, 4, and 6.


6 Weeks of Empowered Living, A Lifetime of Transformation

Life can be difficult! Combine fast-paced living with a high performance-based culture, and then sprinkle in competing priorities, we begin to resist our well-being, often without even realizing it! At times it may feel like the world is against us.


Hi, I'm Tiffany, owner of Breathworx614. I am a wife, a mom to three, PTA officer, entrepreneur, and on and on. I wear all the hats and do all the things, but I am happy to say, I now participate in life with a joy and a passion for all roles I participate in. I wasn't always like this, however. Prior to investing in myself and in my life, I rested in states of overwhelm, anxiety, control and burn doubt, this wasn't restful! Breathwork has taught me how to prioritize my well-being. I have learned how to breathe into life's moments, maximize my tolerance for stress, repair and renew emotional processing deficits and display emotional poise. 

We all deserve to love our life, and life wants to love on you back. I am  passionate about guiding others in receiving a life filled with joy and ease, breathing well, being well! Experience transformation in 6 weeks. 

Begin Embracing Your Well-Being Today!

Module 1: Embracing Your Well-Being with Breathwork

June 2, 2024
1-3pm EST

Embrace all states of your being and experience its alignment through use of the breath. Discover the relationship between your breath and your emotions. Participate in a Breath Analysis to build awareness of key techniques that will enhance your relationship with your emotions encouraging, emotional poise and empowered living. 

Transition to a facilitated Breathwork Session to embody what you learned in the first hour as you connect with your breath for an extended period of time. Tiffany will facilitate your conscious connected breathing session to release what is not serving you, and restore what does.

Module 2: Creative Thinking

June 9, 2024
1-3pm EST

Build awareness of your thoughts and learn the influence they have over the creation of your reality. Acquire and practice tools for de-escalating turbulent situations created by your mind.

Return to Conscious Connected Breathing and experience the breath being used as the vehicle that gets you out of your mind and into your body.

Module 3: Emotional Freedom

June 16, 2024
1-3pm EST

Experience a body-based (holistic) approach to build present-moment awareness. Learn where emotions are felt and held within the body. Apply tools to transform destructive emotions that prevent you from receiving well-being.

Generate a felt sense of safety as you embody the intrinsic knowing that it is safe to feel. Achieve liberation as you are guided through your breathwork session during this module. 

Module 4: Establishing Your Own Truth

June 23, 2024
1-3pm EST

Observe patterns you participate in creating challenges in living out the life you desire. Repair and renew emotional deficits as you learn the processes to embody self-regulation and centered accountability. 

Deepen your awareness of somatic therapy and experience its benefits during your facilitated breathwork session. Observe the transformation in each state of your being as you embody self-regulation.

Module 5: Intentional Living

June 30, 2024
1-3pm EST

Maximize your tolerance for stress as you observe and transform invisible blocks preventing you from experiencing well-being. 

Breathe into transformation as you create a new self-concept for your empowered life.

Module 6: Personal Empowerment

July 7, 2024 
1-3pm EST

Observe the alignment of your states of being as you begin to receive support from life. Shine empowered living as you experience joy and ease in your reality. 

Breathe well and be well as you reconnect with your breath one last time to equip you in moving forward in the newly transformed life you created!

Breathing Well+Being Well
= Empowered Living

This Program is Curated to Support You in Transformation

Live Virtual Weekly Sessions

Log-in from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your desired location!

Weekly Recordings

Unable to attend Lives? Recordings will be delivered to your inbox for flexibility and self-paced transformation. Great for review!

Downloadable Resources

Create your very own "Breathe Well, Be Well' Toolkit with valuable resources to guide you in living a life full of joy + ease!

1-on-1 Coaching Session with Tiffany

During this 15-minute coaching session, share personal, unique challenges to breathing well and being well. Receive individualized support to experience the life you desire!
*Additional private coaching sessions can be scheduled for additional fee.

Small Group Support

There's a reason we go to others when we are looking for support...We are designed to do life together. Experience healing and transformation in a co-nourishing and supportive environment through Live Weekly Sessions AND in a Facebook Group specifically designed for Program Members!


The best part!? You will have these tools for EVER! You can draw on specific Breathwork Techniques when needed, Plus, you will have the opportunity to create new relationships, beginning with yourself first!

Payment Plans are Available!

Don't stunt your growth or the desire to live out the life you want because of financial reasons. Breathworx614 accepts installments throughout the course.


Ready to pay in full now? Receive 15% off by registering by May 22nd!

*Payment Methods Accepted: Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle

Cancellation +

Refund Policy

Life happens and occasionally attendees have experiences requiring them to cancel. While I will make every attempt to fill your space; my programs, courses and sessions have moving parts that require advance investment from me, such as the purchase of food, materials/resources (physical & digital) and deposits towards session locations. With consideration I have adopted the following policy on cancellations: 

All events are fully refundable up to 14 days in advance. Any cancellations under 14 days prior to the event are eligible for a credit toward another Breathworx614 course/program/event.

At times, Breathworx614's programs/courses/events are also offered virtually, so if sickness does occur, attending virtually or watching the recording is a wonderful option. 

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