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Into-Me-I-See Water Breathwork Day Retreat

Into-Me-I-See Water Breathwork Day Retreat

Look inward (Into-Me-I-See) to explore the relationship you share with yourself. In this unique intimacy day retreat, participate in breathwork in a saltwater pool located at Tiffany’s home in Central Ohio. Tiffany and Michele, founder of Wide Open Heart Project, collaborate to offer you this profound healing experience. Lunch and snacks will be provided!


Discover unconscious, hidden blocks, from your birth and childhood programming that created your self-relationship. Use this knowledge and the connection of your heart and breath to recreate a loving, gentle, and supportive self-relationship that allows for you to experience intimacy, self-love, self-acceptance, trust & well-being daily! 


*$10 off when you register before July 1st with Promocode: H2OFLOW

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