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Breathe Well, Be Well is Back!

To breathe well, is to be well.

Breathworx614's 6-Week Virtual Transformation Program.

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Home: Welcome
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What is Breathwork?

A Whole-Body Grounding Experience

Breathwork is a somatic experience, aligning your body, mind and spirit. Through discussions and specific breathing patterns, clients participate in private or group sessions, working to clear their body's of attachments (traumas, stressors, inputs from the world and experiences, as well as the voice inside their head) providing the opportunity to heal physically, mentally and even spiritually. Clients gain knowledge on how to embrace the flow of life with ease inviting well-being into their world. After sessions clients feel empowered to make soul-led decisions building upon their self-care practice.

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Services Offered

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A 1-on-1 session explores current concerns preventing you from receiving well-being and establishes desired goals for well-being. Session topics include development of your birth script, forgiveness, creating healthy boundaries, inner-child work, truth process for self-healing and life-enhancing ideas to live a life full of joy, abundance, vitatlity and ease. Recurring sessions build upon another to reprogram the mind and body's destructive belief systems, ensuring transformation takes place. Well-being is your birthright! Purchasing a membership is highly encouraged, however individual session's can be bought. Members receive discounts and additional program features.



Virtual breathwork sessions are held through Google Meet. 1-on-1 virtual sessions and group virtual breathwork sessions are offered. Topics covered during In-Person sessions will be covered just the same, but in a virtual manner. Group breathwork topics are covered just the same as during a Group Setting.

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Group Setting

Group breathwork sessions invite connectedness into your breathes. In a Group Setting, topics to be covered include heart-connected feelings, gratitude and visualizations to inspire and invite creativity, love, kindness and peace into your life.

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Breathworx614 Supports Schools!

Giving Back one Breath at a Time

Breathworx614 is a proud sponsor of schools! Breathworx614 believes in educating the world's youngest breathers, as well as equipping educators with sustainable self-management tools to cultivate a constructive learning environment. Breathworx614 leads professional developments and staff retreats to support teachers in Social Emotional Learning and enhancing their own well-being. Breathworx614 is a proud sponsor of local PTAs, attends Field Days to build awareness of emotional intelligence and self-regulation and provides donations to spark creativity and increase kindness. Connect today to have Breathworx614 attend your school's event!

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Connect the Dots to Your

Breathworx614 Podcast

Experience the abundant flow of well-being in your life with Breathworx614 as your trusted guide. Take a deep dive into whole-being transformation by tuning in to my captivating podcast series, "Connect the Dots to Your Well-Being," available on YouTube and YouTube Music. Join me along with guests on this transformative journey and unlock the secrets to living a life filled with vitality, joy, and inner peace. Don't miss out on the valuable insights and empowering conversations – hit that play button, Subscribe, and embark upon your well-being adventure today!

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Achieve Freedom Now

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PayPal Donations

Breathworx614 is grateful to its donors. All donations received are invested back into Breathworx614 and to bringing Breathwork and well-being strategies to those who may be economically disadvantaged.  Thank you for Breathing Love!

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