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Breathworx614 is your guide to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The owner, Tiffany Berger, is passionate about instilling hope and well-being in the lives of adults and children who experience overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, depression, and grief. Tiffany's unique holistic approach includes the use of Breathwork, a mind-body technique to experience mental health and well-being, leading to lasting transformation. 

I've Been Where You Are

"I have been attending breathwork sessions since about July of this year, 2022. The difference that it has made in my thinking, how my body feels, how my spirit feels, has been amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who is stressed, overtired, worn out, looking for more peace and joy in their life. Tiffany is awesome! She relates to her clients so well and is so comforting and soothing in her approach to us. Thank you Tiffany!"
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What is the Breathwork  Journey like?

A Whole-Body Grounding & Transformational Experience

Breathwork is a somatic experience, aligning your body, mind and spirit. Through discussions and specific breathing patterns, you are led to transform the impact of stress and trauma. During routinely scheduled sessions, you gradually transform your nervous system to a state of safety where healing and lasting transformation can occur. The Breathwork Journey allows for you to experience the creation of a loving and supportive self-relationship, where past wounds become healed, trauma is integrated, and hope arises for the future.


Gain applicable tools using Breathworx614's framework, Creating a Mindset for Well-Being to build upon your self-worth providing the opportunity to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Live out the life you desire to live. Be the person you desire to be without fear holding you back!


Clients who have participated in Breathworx614's Breathwork Journey report:

  • honoring themselves in the way they think and talk to themselves

  • experiencing a balanced nervous system with a decrease in  overwhelm, burnout, fear, anxiety, depression, and grief

  • observe depleting relationships transformed to meaningful and fulfilling relationships

  • being excited about their life and future

  • embracing the flow of life with ease

  • feel empowered to make soul-led & heart-felt decisions

  • experiencing well-being!

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1-on-1 In-Person/Virtual


Corporate Breathwork


Children & Educator Breathwork


This is for You if...

  • Feel stuck in life, experiencing destructive thoughts, emotions & behaviors.

  • Wish to relieve yourself of past experiences & wounds.

  • Desire to build upon your self-worth & self-confidence.

  • Are looking to cultivate a mind-body connection to experience lasting transformation.

  • Want to experience the life you dream about!

The personal development industry is the second largest industry next to IT.

You deserve a coach!


Ready to experience the transformative power of breathwork? Book an appointment with me today and begin your journey towards greater health and well-being.

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