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It is my passion to guide you in adding the "well" to your being, thus experiencing well-being. Breathworx614's Newsletters help you stay connected with your breath, while staying connected with others in the community. Read, download, share and be sure to subscribe for monthly well-being enhancement


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

July 2023

Forgiveness is freedom.
When you see and live with eyes of forgiveness, you remove all sense of weakness, strain and fatigue from your mind.
Forgiveness takes away all the fear, guilt and pain.
Forgiveness restores all invulnerability and disconnection.
Forgiveness restores your power and sense of control.

August 2023

Back to School involves a transition with "a whole nother" level of energy! Breathworx614 is your guide to the season with recorded children's Breathwork techniques found on YourTube. Also in this month's edition, embrace transformation + nurture growth with this 7-day guide to enhancing your well-being!

September 2023

Breathworx614 connects the dots to your well-being through the creation of your Birth Script to transform subconscious limiting beliefs. Learn how to connect with your breath to feel and process emotions, transform negative self-talk and  heal parts of your life that are stuck in trauma responses.


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

April 2023

Research has proven that our breathing is directly correlated with the emotions we experience. Use enclosed Breathwork strategies to transform your emotions to a state of well-being.

May 2023

Become empowered to position yourself in a way to receive all the good designed for you, to receive your well-being! Learn how you experience more control over your genes and act by claiming your spot to Breathworx614's Breathe Well, Be Well 6-week Transformational Program!

June 2023

Summer ease, makes me feel fine...Connect with others this month as many begin their Breathwork Journey in the Breathe Well, Be Well program to experience a summer of ease. Summer also marks the celebration of Father's Day. Learn how honoring our male role models can invite compassion and understanding, allowing us to navigate our own journeys with grace and forgiveness.


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

January 2023

A New Year mean New Wellness Trends! Let's exchange anxiety for creativity!  Breathworx614 becomes an affiliate agency with The Ohio State University and welcomes OSU Intern for Spring Semester!

February 2023

Breathworx614 guides clients in the ultimate act of self-care, deepening a loving relationship with oneself. Breathworx614's mission is to enhance the quality of life through the power of the breath, and in this publication details core values to support its mission. Looking to extend your self-care practice at home? Visit Breathworx614 on YouTube!

March 2023

Breathworx614 enhances well-being for adults AND children. Family Breathwork is hosted inside Tranquility Salt Cave to promote stress-management for the tiniest of family members. Breathwork positively impacts your nervous system. Do you have a regulated nervous system? Read to find out the 10 characteristics of a dysregulated nervous system.


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

October 2022

October can be a time of spooks! Access this fall's discount to build safety from within. Learn how you can heal your life through Epigenetics and Somatic Healing.

November 2022

Many of us greet November with an increased sugar intake, causing us a desire to begin weight loss programs at the start of the New Year. Read to learn how Breathwork supports weight loss and promotes a healthy weight.

December 2022

Leave your stress behind in 2022! Clients benefit from living a life by design, not default, increasing Heart Warming Gratitude. Learn guiding questions to lessen your to-dos and ensure you are in alignment with your integrity. Happy Holidays!


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

July 2022

Summer means one thing to Breathworx614...Water Breathwork! "Pool Therapy", as clients call it, unblocks thought patterns revolving around intimacy. Afterall, intimacy begins with Into-Me-I-See.

August 2022

"Back to school, back to school. To prove to Dad, I'm no fool."- Happy Gilmore. Learn Breathwork techniques to equip you and your student for the school year. This month's newsletter is filled with additional resources to ensure a well-balanced 2022-2023 school year!

September 2022

Instagram vs. Reality. Transform perfectionism through Breathwork while learning how to build safety within your body to support you along your transformation.


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

April 2022

Spring has sprung, and so has event season! Get plugged in at one of Breathworx614's many upcoming events! Also, read to learn how breathing better can lead to sleeping better.

May 2022

Discover how the quote "If you don't take time for your wellness, you'll be forced to take time for your illness" can promote you and your well-being today and everyday!

June 2022

Breathworx614 celebrates it's First Birthday! Honors and various celebrations throughout the month highlight Breathworx614 and it's role in the community and your well-being.


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

January 2022

January paves the way to new beginnings as we embrace the New Year! From families reaping the rewards of the Parent-Child Duo sessions to individual clients growing their knowledge of Conscious Creation, everyone is on a journey to renewal and vitality.

February 2022

Out with the old, in with the new. Breathwork continues to trend as #1 wellness practice in 2022. Breathwork goes virtual during the winter season. Read to learn three Breathwork techniques to improve your overall well-being.

March 2022

Ever wonder why animals seem to laze about and are powerfully confident in just being? Read to learn the power of their, and our, thoughts! Get in touch with your wild side by exploring animal-related breathing techniques!


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

October 2021

Breathworx614 hosts its first Community Breathwork session! From small group Breathwork to community group Breathwork, participants build a conscious mindset about their physical and emotional well-being.

November 2021

Breathworx614 spreads awareness of Breathwork strategies to children in the community. From being invited to a local elementary school to clients participating in 1-on-1 sessions and Parent-Child Duo sessions a conscious community is growing!

December 2021

The winter season can be joyous for some, while others experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. Breathwork offers a restorative approach to combat the Winter Blahs and achieve lasting renewal into the New Year.


Staying Connected with Your Breath & Others'

July 2021

Read to understand how Breathwork is being spread to the 614 area code and beyond as the launching of Breathworx614 takes place! Connect with research-based organizations as you learn about evidence from the power of Breathwork.

August 2021

Learn the Benefits of Breathwork and reap the physical, mental and spiritual rewards. As kiddos head back to school, apply the Strategy of "Letting Go What No Longer Serves" to your life with 7 Steps to Releasing Your Emotions (the healthy way!).

September 2021

Breathwork is more than just a few breathing techniques utilized once or twice a day. Learn more by gaining an understanding of Rebirthing and Water Breathwork. Gain Solutions to maintain emotional-balance from Breathworx614 and the HeartMath Institute.

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