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2024 Breathe Well, Be Well

2024 Breathe Well, Be Well

Welcome to Breathe Well, Be well! This 6-week program is filled with Breathworx614's principles for transformation. Build awareness of breath, emotions and thought to transform your relationship with yourself, thus transforming your relationship with life. Discover tools to enhance your relationship with stress, embody self-regulation and learn how to intentionally co-regulate those around you. Experience techniques to guide you in achieving joy, ease and vitality that leave you living a Love and Passion for life!


The secret to transformation lies within this program's whole-being centered approach. Tiffany's gentle approach guides you in embracing all states of your being, aligning your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, thus receiving WELL-BEING. This program is differentiated to guide those new to Breathwork, as well as those with a firm foundation.

You have more control over your life than you think, allow Breathworx614 to guide you in living out the life you desire!


Please join me, along with other participants by adding yourself as a member to our Breathe Well, Be Well Facebook Group. You will find downloadable resources for the program, get your questions answered, and celebrate yours, and others' transformations!


Breathe Love, 


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